SP71TGS04510 XTRweld E71T-GS Filler Metal, 10 LB, Carbon Steel, Spooled Wire

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Filler Metal, E71T-GS, Pack: 10 LB; Material: Carbon Steel; Type: Spooled Wire, MIG (FCAW); Diameter: 0.045 Inch; AWS Spec: A5.20 E71T-GS

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E71T-GS is a carbon steel, flux cored electrode for use without an external shielding gas. This electrode is intended for welding thin-gauge carbon steel, ranging from 3/16” to 22 gauge.


  • XTR 71T-GS is intended for single-pass weldments; this product is designed to weld quite effectively over galvanized material and can be used on certain aluminized surfaces as well.
  • E71T-GS requires no external gas-shielding and should be welded with DCEN (straight polarity).
  • Common for home hobbyists, this versatile welding wire is perfect.
  • Not intended for structural steel applications, when application is structural, we suggest E71T-11 or E71T-8 gasless wires.
MaterialCarbon Steel
TypeSpooled Wire
Diameter (IN)0.045 Inch
Diameter (MM)1.143 MM
Amperage190 A
Voltage17 V
Speed190 IPM
Stickout1/2 Inch
Tensile Strength86000 psi (70000 psi AWS Spec.)
Yield Strength74000 psi
Elongation in 2 Inch0.26
Welding PositionsFlat, Horizontal, Vertical Up, Vertical Down, Overhead
ApprovalsAWS A5.20